Nov 25, 2007

the Annapolis earthquake

Last week there were two earthquakes in Israel. One was a small one, listed at about a 3.0 on the Richter scale, while the second was stronger registering a 4.2. These happened in the Dead Sea region, with the shocks being felt as far as Jerusalem.

This past Friday night was another earthquake registering at 4.1 on the Richter Scale. The epicenter was in the center of the country, just outside of Ramle. In Bet Shemesh we felt it. By "we" I mean the general public. I slept right through it. My wife told em about it in the morning when I got up. So, it turns out I really can sleep through even an earthquake!

The Sadigura Rebbe has said that the cause of these recent earthquakes is the government discussing giving away parts of Eretz Yisrael. He said these are the times of Mashiach and we must all repent.

In other Annapolis news, the police came under heavy pressure to delay their announcement of a decision regarding the possible indictment of Olmert. It was scheduled to be announced today, but they delayed it now because of Annapolis.

And in other Annapolis news, remember Ami Ayalon? The guy who ran for leadership of the Labor party under the banner of his refusing to sit in olmert's government and calling for its dismantlement? Remember him - the guy who said he would never take the position of Minister without Portfolio because it is a waste of public money and has no purpose, then he went ahead and took exactly that position?

Remember him? Well, now he met with Rabbi Ovadia Yosef in an attempt to convince him to not alow Shas to pull out of the government even if things in Annapolis go against his wishes. He called on Shas, even if Lieberman pulls his party out, to "show responsibility, stay in the government and support a diplomatic process that is essential to the existence of the state of Israel."

So, he ran on the platform of Olmert's government being corrupt and he would never sit in it. He then reneged on that promise, ok. Maybe he had reason to (good salary perhaps, for the cynics) . But now he has the chutzpah to campaign on its behalf and work to keeping it alive? At best he can justify his own taking the position but still that does not justify his campaigning on the governments behalf as if it is the responsible position.


  1. We have a big Tehillim gathering Mon night here in Chicago. Hopefully our davening will help!

  2. neil
    it certainly will.

    vhaya bayom hahu . . . is today

  3. It must be so cool having G-d talk to you so directly as G-d seems to do with Israel.

    I hope you take heed. The land is literally trembling at the prospect of you giving up territory.

    Only a true fool would ignore that.

    Remember your history. You are G-d's chosen people but G-d will only stand by you as long as you stand by G-d and live up to your terms of the Convent. If you abandon G-d, G-d will abandon you.

    It has happened before. Don't let it happen again.

    Especially with such a clear sign of warning. Clear enough for all to see except those who force themselves to be blind to it.

  4. God does not talk to me so directly...but if you believe in God, and this blog does, then you take things as messages from God. The problem is interpreting them. Sometimes it is clear 9though you still might be wrong) and sometimes it is not clear or easy to figure out.

    What was the earthquake telling us? I got no message from God so I do not know. The Sadigura Rebbe, who is much closer to God than I am, gave his interpretation. Maybe he is wrong, maybe not.

    On a different blog someone quoted the Bostoner Rebbe as giving his interpretation. It happens to be that one was more generic and he did not link it to Annapolis, but to general repentance and uniting with other people.. Maybe he is right, maybe not.

  5. The very ground quakes at the prospect of Israel giving up any of its territory.

    G-d doesn't speak much clearer than this.

    Don't yield any land. If you reject G-d on this, the consequences will no doubt be great.

  6. G-d is patient but in the end WILL NOT BE IGNORED.

    And G-d's version of Shock and Awe isn't anything like you can imagine.

    Woe to a people who reject the covenant that G-d made with them.


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