Nov 11, 2007

eyeglasses on ebay

Sounds like it would probably be a good deal doesn't it? Not if they have a starting bid of $350,000 with $125 shipping fee....
But then again, they are not just any glasses.. they are the glasses worn by the Bobover Rebbe for over 20 years! Bidding is not restricted to people with the same prescription... so bid away!


  1. I just saw, while walking through Boro Park, that Bobov now has a lottery. Halachic questions aside, what is the rush to raise money? Are they putting up a palace?

  2. I knew the bobover rebbe zt'l well. As a child I learnt in the kerestier shtiebel in miami, he would come for vacation in the winter.

    We used to observe him, of course we never understood what a big rebbe he was, he traveld with a few chasidim and a mini sefer torah. My father would tell us he has tens of thousands of chasidim all over the world!

    He would daven shmona esray about 8-10 minutes, he was a yekke by the way, he had a silver handled cain, his batim were silver, his tefilin bag made from cow? fur..

    He would take 6 steps back and 6 steps forward when davening the amida, he had this interesting cartiel it was like 1 feet wide and would wrap it around his waist..

    He tested me mishnayos baal peh meseches pesachim, I was 8.. He gave me brachos for 5 minutes straight!

    I actualy know where his shtender is, the one he used when davening in miami.

  3. elchonon - what are you waiting for??!! Sell that shtender on ebay!

    bad - don't know. The description on ebay does not say who is selling the glasses.. is it bobov institutions? The rebbes son? the gabbai? is someone going to pocket the money or is bobov getting it? I have no idea...

  4. More chassidishe shtus.


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