Nov 22, 2007

bank robbery in broad daylight

In light of my recent post about bank robberies, there have been a couple more bank robberies this week. I think a Postal bank got hit, yesterday a Bank Beinleumi got hit, both for small amounts.

The big hit was yesterday in the Netanya branch of Bank Hapoalim. The robbers got away with 2.5 million shekels (it does not sound as much when it is said in dollars - about $650,000).

They are describing the hit as having gone down like this: they suspect the robbers went into the bank before closing the night before, but never left. Maybe they hid out in a bathroom or an empty office until the bank was closed. They slept somewhere in the bank overnight. In the morning when the employees arrived to open the bank, the robbers grabbed them and forced them to open the safe and give them the money. In the process they shot a security guard and injured him. They then made their way out and escaped in a waiting Fiat with the loot.

I figure they will be caught pretty quickly.

1. They can check the surveillance cameras from the evening before to see who entered but did not leave (if that is really how they got in).
2. It is a small country and not too many places to hide sudden wealth.
3. However else police track down bank robbers, with their contacts, leads and informants.

As they say, they rob banks because that is where the money is...


  1. According to the report I heard the robbers disabled the security cameras.

  2. I think they still do not know or are not announcing all the details of how it went down. I think a lot of the info is speculation... and it keeps changing...

    I guess the full story will be out eventually as they investigate and figure out what happened.

  3. Looks like Dogde City has come down to the Middle East.

  4. average bank robbery over here nets only 10k!

    that is quite a haul.

    checkout my new post. thanks

  5. Around here they couldn't catch the Mad Hatter robber - so I wouldn't give them credit for being able to catch someone clever like these guys. Israel might be better, or these guys might just get away with it.

  6. that sounds like a lot of money to me!

    Rafi- did you feel the tremor on Tuesday?

  7. They probably watched Point Break too many times.


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