Nov 15, 2007

slice of Kahane history (video)

My friend asked me to upload this for him. It is Rav Kahane confronting left wing activists at Beth El in Newton in 1985... a small slice of history... (my friends brother is in the video)


  1. Notice the turn of events (52:40) he proposesthe expulsion of arabs from Israel with or without compensation. And look what happened in Gaza.

    As well, (56:12) he did note that he has no desire/intention to kill the arabs.

  2. Rav Kahane, of blessed memory, is sorely missed. May a million just like him rise up in his place.

  3. I saw Kahane speak on a number of occasions. Interesting stuff.

  4. Olmert was on the steering commitee that band Rabbi Kahane from running in the Knesset. Now Olmert is PM and going to Anapolis to expell the Jews from Judea and Sameria. It's high time the Jews rise up and expell the expellers of Jews.

  5. I kmow I won't be popular, and I even agree with much of what RMK said, but soes anyone else also think he comes across as a complete nut case?


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