Nov 13, 2007

win a free trip to Israel

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The National Jewish Outreach program is running a contest in which you can win 2 free tickets to Israel (the contest is only open to residents of the US).

The contest is called Judaica Across America and it is really pretty simple. All they want is for you to send them a picture of a piece of Judaica, any Judaica - a menorah, candlestick, mezuza case, torah scroll, tzitzis, shofar. whatever - and tell them the story behind this piece of Judaica.

NJOP will judge the various images and their stories and select the ten best, of which they will select the winner of the Grand Prize trip to Israel for 2.

The deadline is December 31, 2007 so get looking for that old set of candlesticks used in the basement of a house in Russia avoiding the KGB or your grandfather's tefillin that he smuggled into a concentration camp to use or the old bell your great uncle used to wake up the townsfolk for services in the shteibel. Take your pictures and write up the stories. You could be on your way to Israel, for free!

And when you get here, feel free to stop in by me and say hi...

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  1. Hi Rafi G.

    I try not to private email people too much, but is it possible to know how much it is to advertise on your blog? Its okay to send the info via email or however you want.


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