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Nov 29, 2007

time to switch to bourbon

I always enjoy answering surveys on the telephone, though I rarely get the good political surveys. Tonight I answered a phone call and it was a survey. The questioner asked a wide range of questions, ranging from pension funds, to newspapers, to religion, to lotto and more.

one question in the middle that she asked was if I light Hannukah candles every day or just sometimes. I responded that I only light Hanukka candles every day of Hannuka, but not every day...she chuckled...

In other news, the city council of Edinburgh (that would be in Scotland) has announced they will be cancelling a contract with Mei Eden, an Israeli mineral water company based on the Golan Heights. They are cancelling the contract because Mei Eden is guilty of pillaging Syria's natural resources for profit...

In the talkbacks on the >Ynet article, people suggest boycotting Scotch as revenge. I cannot see that being successful. A Jew giving up scotch? Would never happen. Though I think all Jews should switch to bourbon anyways....


  1. wow - u have patience! I usually hand those calls off to my 7 year old - i just cant do it!

  2. I've always been partial to bourbon. Scotch tastes like the briquettes from last year's Yom Ha'atsmaout.


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