Nov 27, 2011

All It Took Was A Dime For A Satmar Hassid to Quit Haagen Daaz

People buy damaged products all the time. It is just one of those things that happens during mass production. When you buy a product and it is faulty, you either exchange it or call the company and get some sort of compensation. I have done it a couple of times. It isn't such a big deal. Rarely does it make the news, unless it was a major issue that somehow affected public safety.

One such story hit the news in new York. And no, it does not seem to be such a major issue. The only reason I can think of why it hit the news is because the person involved is a semi-public figure. From his perspective, no publicity is bad publicity. As long as he gets his name in the paper, for free, all is good.

According to the neighborhood paper "The Brooklyn Paper", the wife of a well-known Satmar askan named Isaac Abraham from Williamsburg was enjoying a tub of delicious Haagen Daaz chocolate ice cream when she tasted something metallic a few spoons in. She found a dime in her mouth, which she immediately spat out.

They called the store, who immediately pulled the entire stock off the shelves to be safe. yada yada yada, whatever happened happened between them and Haagen Daaz regarding investigation as to how the fault happened.

I don't know why, but she claims to be giving up ice cream because of this incident. How traumatic could it possibly have been to make her give up ice cream?

The one thought I had when reading this was how unusual it is for Satamar hassidim to be publicizing that they are not careful about eating only chalav yisrael. They just told the entire world that they eat Haagen Daaz ice cream. Or used to.


  1. it's called, lawsuit settlement! Yeah, I find money in my food and I'm goona give it up? sure!

  2. At least they didn't claim they found a Penny.

    They also relied on a hashgacha from the "less religious Jews" as we are known.

    - Dovid from Modiin

  3. Since when to Satmar Chassidim eat non-Chalav Yisrael products? Even Rabbinut in Israel no longer accepts the Kashrut of Haagen Daaz, and yet I'm supposed to believe that Satmar does? Sounds more than a little fishy to me.

  4. pregnancy cravings...


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