Nov 16, 2011

Sikrikim Looking For Funds In The USA

Two leaders of the Sikrikim left Israel for the United States today to collect money for their continued efforts in Meah Shearim and Bet Shemesh.
Their names are Avraham Hirschman and Shalom Baruch Rost/Rust.

Assuming you do not support the activities of the sikrikim/thugs, do not give them money. Even if they say they are collecting for their kollel, for hachnassat kallah, a major surgery someone needs or whatever project they say they are collecting for. They are collecting to fund their future activities.


  1. in williamsburg they are openely collecting for the "holy" cause of the sikrikim. In the pamphlat they circulated they boast that "B"h the police are afraid to enter Mea She'arim without special forces just like lehavdil in the Arab towns, and even the eged buses do not pass in the holy neighborhood anymore".


  2. Perhaps someone should draw the attention of the United States Consulate-General to this matter?

    I wonder what excuse those two gave the INA at their port of entry for their visit to the United States?

  3. Do they call themselves Sikrikim?

    If they do, that's mind boggling. Why don't they call themselves Listim while they're at it?

  4. they do. you must realize that they use the term in a romanticized way. they take the name from the Talmud, where sikrikim was a group admired for fighting the holy battles. They feel honored to be called, or to call themselves sikrikim, as they consider themselves to be fighting the holy battle still.

  5. Ahhh, Sikrikim and Burka ladies - a match made in, hmmm, Eida territory.

  6. Admired?! Where are they admired in the Talmud? They set fire to all the food in Jerusalem.

    This is insane.

  7. I shared this info and posted pictures of these collectors here at Mystical Paths.

  8. Sikrikim, or 'Sikrikon' in the Talmud Bavli, refers to some sort of violent theft associated with Roman conquerers - see . Also, the Talmud is pronounced in it's denigration of those who fought back against the Roman occupation at that time because of their extreme violence.


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