Nov 17, 2011

Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day

I think it was a mistake for Obama to call on Israel to freeze construction instead of starting from the same place that we stopped the negotiations. Obama has very few achievements in advancing peace between Israel and the Palestinians during the three years of his term..

  -- Former US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice


  1. Excellent Quote of the Day, Rafi!

  2. oy... pot... kettle... I can't say more....

  3. Of course, in this case, they both are black!

  4. I have an idea:

    Israel will agree to a total settlement freeze.
    But for every rocket/missile, Israel can build 10 homes.
    The longer range rocket will be 100 homes.

    The freeze will have no practical effect.
    And we can point the blame on the palestinians.

    The point is that they do whatever they want while blaming Israel.

    Besides the media not even noticing most of the rocket attacks.

    Rafi- what do you think?

  5. sounds good to me!
    not sure about differentiating between 10 and 100. assigning more value to residents of Tel Aviv than Sderot.
    Maybe just do 100 for every rocket, no matter how far it travels.

  6. I was thinking in terms of their escalating the attack.
    But 100 each sure.

    Why not extend this?
    A kidnapping is 10,000 homes.Per day.

    Or use x meters over the green line which won't be swapped.

    A tangible consequence for each hostile act( on top of whatever return attack is launched).

    Which they know upfront.

    Why should we be expected to ignore the so-called "little things".


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