Nov 29, 2011

Quote Of The Day

Quote Of The Day

The situation always existed where Asheknazi institutions would try to take the [Sefardi] girls that are at the highest level to show they are not racist, each with its own quotas. The struggle will be, the Sefardi institutions will continue growing into the next decade, and then there will be a struggle and I will call upon all of them to not accept any Sefardi girls, or else they should accept girls only by very specific and clear criteria....

I will be the first [to take my kids out of the Ashkenazi schools]. My daughters said to me "Father, the moment you decide, we are ready to be the first, to serve as an example on behalf of the girls sitting at home". So yes, I will be the first. It is a sacrifice and I will do it... As soon as I go out to the struggle, I expect my daughters will be thrown out of school. Even if my daughters will be thrown out - I will not allow it as I will take them out the day prior. But I am prepared for this, as a public elected official I cannot stand by.

  -- Minister of Interior Eli Yishai, discussing the fight to get the tens of girls still sitting at home not accepted into schools because they are Sefardi.

"I will be the first"... Nu? What are you waiting for? Set the example already!

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  1. I do not see the Torah observance in this practice of separating Jews by their grandparents' birthplaces. B"H, I live in a Torah community that doesn't do it. Almost every family with married children have a number of "eidot" in the mix. Our grandchildren are Tunisian and that's not unusual. We're all Torah-observant Jews.


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