Nov 20, 2011

Harish To Be Built!

Mazel tov!

The construction of the new city in the Galil, really intended for Haredim but technically open to anybody, has overcome the final hurdles and is set to be on it's way! The final hurdles, well, probably not really the final hurdles, as I am sure more will crop up along the way, were the various appeals against the construction for various reasons such as being designated only for haredim, being built on private land that was taken, and others. The appeals were rejected, and the plans can now move forward.
(source: INN)

People all around the country are complaining about a shortage of available housing and a lack of affordable housing, but when they actually want to build nobody really wants it near them. they want the housing but only "over there", never "over here". Especially when it is for haredim.


  1. I don't get how Haredi cities function (Beitar Illit and Kiryat Sefer included). If barely anyone pays arnona, because barely anyone works, how on earth do they have they have the money to run municipal services?

    And I think your last few lines are a little unfair. Beit Shemesh is a perfect example of what happens when you don't fight to keep Haredim at arms length. Sad, but true.

  2. to be fair, Harish is almost completely a separate city for haredim (not officially, but technically).
    I say almost because there is a small number of residents already in the area. 6000 new units are set for the first stage and I think it is planned for a city of 15000 units. Yet Harish was protested as well. Even though it is not an issue of bring haredim into an already existing mixed community.

  3. CA-- It's simple. Really neccesary municipal services such as street cleaning, garbage collection, social services are paid for by the 10-30% Arnona the avreichim pay. What's missing are the cultural services -- sports, dance, theater, etc. -- that the chareidim don't use and don't want. The proof is that Beitar Ilit is the model of a clean and well-tended city, with large parks, and has consistently won awards for it.


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