Nov 30, 2011

Burqas Are Immodest. Burqa 2.0 Is Modest

Are the burqas worn by the "Burqa-witzes" not modest?

I don't mean from a philosophical perspective, such as perhaps they are out of place, attracting attention and the like. I mean are they actually immodest in the sense that physically they expose too much?

I don't think there is a person in the universe that would suggest such a thing. That is, that is what I thought until this morning.

It seems that the Burqa-witzes have come up with the newest chumra. If wearing a burqa, which entails wearing 7 to 8 layers of clothing to get rid of any possible appearance of the shape of the person beneath, along with the head coverings and the face covering, along with gloves and more to cover the hands completely as well, was not enough, now the women found a new chumra to pile on top of all that.

According to this report, they have realized how immodest the burqa is. They have unwittingly been completely exposed in public (when they go out) and are ashamed of having allowed this to happen. They just realized that as the cloth of the burqa and mask drape over the woman's face, it forms, and displays publicly, the shape of her face.  Problem. Immodest.

To resolve the problem of immodesty, they have once again used their creative senses in fashion design. The place inside the burqa some sort of a pipe that sits atop the woman's head. Then, when the cloth of the burqa drapes over the woman's face, it is kept at a distance from actually resting on the face and forming the shape.

Problem solved! Burqa 2.0


  1. OMG - that's Tin Woodman!!! And here I though she was a he...

  2. ...הראש היהודי ממציא לנו פטנטים

  3. Welcome to Klan Kountry.


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