Nov 23, 2011

A Miracle Shidduch Story From Rav Chaim Kanievsky

The latest miracle story to stir the pot in Bnei Braq is a miracle from rav Chaim Kanievsky that helped somebody get a shidduch.

The story, as reported by Kikar, goes that 2 months ago a 30 year old, "older bochur" went to Rav Chaim Kanievsky and asked for a bracha for finding his soul-mate.

Rav Chaim asked him about himself and then said "Your zivug has not yet been born, you should have bracha v'hatzlacha."

The guy was disturbed by hearing that. Is he going to have to wait 20 or so more years for her to be born and grow up?

Sure enough, he returned a few days ago saying he was engaged. he explained that he got engaged to a convert, who only completed her conversion a month ago. A convert is like a newborn, so when Rav Chaim had given him the bracha, she had not yet been born.

A miracle!


  1. It's this kind of cynicism that keeps me subscribed to this blog (it's certainly not the music videos)

  2. Even more miraculous is that apparently, an identical story occurred many years ago to Rav Yonasan Eibeshitz, as reported in many seforim. (based on comment 24.)


    It makes more sense to me than for Rav Chaim Kanievsky. Does Rav Kanievsky regularly set himself up as a Nir Ben Artzi figure, to tell people (kabbalistically) that their zivug has not been born?

  3. I wondered how he got engaged to her so quickly after he conversion. she has been jewish for one month and he already started dating her? and she was comfy dating so quickly for so little amount of time?
    seemed strange to me


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