Apr 22, 2012

Interesting Posts #375

Interesting Posts #375

1. I more or less avoided "the asifa" topic, but this post is outstanding - Convention at Citi Field

2. Outpost Tours

3. Hashgocho Pratis Stories That Are Not True - in my opinion, if the story is not true, it is just a story and has nothing to do with hashgocho pratis.

4. Run Happy - Boston Marathon Recap

5. The topic of the segulah of "shlissel shabbos" is always an interesting one..

6. A Karaite, a Rabbi and an Arab walk into a courtroom...

7. Israel Should Learn From Denmark

8. Quirks of Shul Members

9. Shomer Misnomer

10. When a Survival Mechanism Turns Destructive

11. Good News About The Haredim
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  1. wow. do you thing the Rabanim "erred" when they made the date of the asifa on May 20th, Yom Yerushalyim? I mean, do they mention it or not?

  2. How 'bout an "Asifa Roundup" post. Seems like there are many views about it.


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