Apr 24, 2012

Interesting Posts #376

Interesting Posts #376

1. The Problem With Shlissel Challa

2. A Special Gallery For Yom HaAtzmaut

3. A Blessed Year, for people in chu"l

4. String Theory - I have been following this fellow for a short amount of time and find his writing very interesting and thoughtful. he is associated with Reform, yet he seems to be more inclined to perform mitvos that Reform Jews do not normally perform, and he is very thoughtful about what he chooses to do. Take a look.

5. Halachic Significance of Yom HaAtzmaut

6. Seret Vishnitz Rebbe As An Israeli Soldier in 1948

7. Culture Of Growth

and some interesting articles:

1. Why Haredim Should Be Zionists

2. The Club No One Wants To Belong To

3. Stallone Sues A Palestinian
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  1. Where's the source that Mohammed Hadid is Palestinian?

  2. http://thepartialview.blogspot.com/2012/04/countering-imbalance-of-frum-blogs.html


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