Apr 30, 2012

The Titanic: Made In China

I am always fascinated by the story of the Titanic. With the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic passing very recently, there were numerous articles written about various aspects of the Titanic.

And now, an interesting item has been announced out of Australia regarding the Titanic. Well, it is not about the Titanic per se, rather, an Australian billionaire has decided to make a replica of the Titanic, calling it the Titanic II, and sail it from Europe to North America.

Clive Palmer has commissioned a Chinese shipyard to build the replica. When it will set sail, it will be accompanied by the Chinese Navy on its voyage.

From The Bee:
A flamboyant Australian billionaire has ordered a shipyard in China to build him an exact replica of the Titanic. Mining magnate Clive Palmer has announced the luxury cruise ship will have the same dimensions as the original Titanic which sank on its maiden voyage 100 years ago.
"Many people have attempted to do it before but have failed because they didn't have the money to pay for it," Mr Palmer told reporters in Brisbane. "We've got the money, we've got the shipyard and we're moving very heavily to commence construction to bring this ship into service."
Mr Palmer wants the ship to be built by state-owned Chinese company CSC Jinling Shipyard. With the latest navigation and safety systems, Titanic II will sail in the northern hemisphere, with her maiden voyage from England to North America scheduled for late 2016. Mr Palmer said the rebuild was a tribute to the spirit of the men and women who worked on the original Titanic, which sank after hitting an iceberg on April 15, 1912 and cost the lives of 1,514 passengers and crew.
Asked if the ship could sink, Mr Palmer told reporters: "Of course it will sink if you put a hole in it. It is going to be designed so it won't sink. It will be designed as a modern ship with all the technology to ensure that doesn't happen. "But of course if you are superstitious like you are, you never know what could happen."
The businessman said design work in conjunction with a historical research team had commenced on the new Titanic, which will have 840 rooms and nine decks. The Chinese navy has been invited to escort Titanic II on its maiden voyage to New York. Mr Palmer said the ship's funnels, which with modern propulsion would be purely decorative, and would be used to house a restaurant, a theatre and an "internet room". 
The original Titanic had nothing wrong with the design and build, so I would imagine, if the replica will be built well, there is no reason it should have any problems. The problem with the original, we all know, was the arrogance and pride of the owners and the captain. If the replica will be able to withstand the little "made in China" sticker that will be affixed somewhere at the bottom of the boat, I assume it will be ok.

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  1. Let's see who knows where the original Titanic was built?


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