Apr 23, 2012

Yated's Ad Error Highlights Need To Ban the Yated

Yated Neeman made a fashla, a mistake. A pretty bad one by their standards. In an ad for a weight loss rogram, one of the images in the ad bore the image of a significant portion of a womans body just clothed in a sports bra and shorts.

Mistakes happen, and that's life. Somehow it slipped through the censor. It was not the main part of the ad, so he clearly didn't notice it.

The haredi websites all ran editorials about the Yated's fashla, and the forums were ablaze (not really, but they did have some fun poking fun at the Yated) about it. And, despite the fact that mistakes happen, the Yated really deserves the criticism, considering their harsh and extreme stance on every topic, especially tzniyus and Internet.

My personal suggestion on the matter was that the time has come for the gedolim to ban the Yated, in light of the smutty advertising. Just as the Yated promotes, and the gedolim/askanim promote, banning the Internet due to the smut available that people inadvertently stumble across even if just by mistake, so too the Yated should now be banned for the very same reason. One can be innocently reading a kosher article in the Yated and inadvertently stumble across a smutty advertisement, even if just by mistake..

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  1. The Israeli Yated or the American Yated?

  2. Fabulous. Let's stop the Yated, and then perhaps people will need something to read, and stop removing the free copies of Mishpacha from our mailboxes on Tuesdays


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