Apr 27, 2012

Neturei Karta Leader Meir Hirsch Welcomes Raed Sallah upon his Return from Britain (video)

Neturei Karta Leader Meir Hirsch Welcomes Raed Sallah upon his Return from Britain

I am surprised Hirsch is speaking in Hebrew, rather than English, Arabic or Yiddish...

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  1. He is not only speaking in Hebrew, but also with the Sfardi pronunciation, which also is generally considered Muktzah by people with his outlook!

  2. And I suppose that he considers his references to "Allah" simply as the way one refers to God in modern Hebrew!

  3. what an embarrassment to all of judaism

  4. "ואנחנו מתפללים בזה לאללה" (and we pray that allah...)
    "אללה הוא אחבר" (Allah the greatest)

    I had to rewind three times to make sure I heard that first one correctly (I didn't want to trust the subtitles). I'm not an expert here, but if I'm not mistaken I believe that while we Jews have a wide range of views, we all agree that praying to another god is one of those things that is explicitly "not Jewish". In fact even implying that there is another god above hashem is one of those things you're supposed to die for rather than do. The speaker has essentially removed himself from the Jewish people (self imposed karet perhaps?), and I think it's time we stopped referring to NK as Jews, but rather as people who dress up as Jews to mock us.

  5. as far as I know, "Allah" is our God in another language. Islam is not considered idol worship.

    1. Allah means god in Arabic, but he wasn't speaking Arabic. He was speaking Hebrew. And Allah is the name of the god of another religion. Even if the other religion isn't avodah zarah, he is still recognizing another god as "supreme".

  6. I have always heard Allah is the same God just in a different language. I dont want to defend this idiot, just wondering about the name you pointed out


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