Mar 12, 2015

Yachad's chocolate gets the "Most patronizing" award

Yachad held a women's rally.

In what might be the most patronizing move of the entire elections, Yachad distributed chocolate bars to all the women in attendance. On the label of the chocolate bar was a set of instructions telling the women to treat themselves to a cube of chocolate each time they finish cleaning a room in their house for Pesach, and when finishing the entire house, to treat themselves to the large square.

Yachad gets the prize for most patronizing.

Alternatively, maybe they are just distributing chocolate in the hopes that the woman who went berserk on the flight because the steward wouldn't sell her chocolate would now get her chocolate and be satisfied.

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  1. Methinks you took this way too seriously. It seems more to be a (somewhat lame) attempt at humor.

  2. It's genius. If they follow the instructions they'll be looking at the advertising every day till Pesach!

    Sadly they seem to have no understanding of the relationship between women and chocolate. 36 hours, tops


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