Jun 6, 2017

Quote of the Day

50% of the population earns less than 7,000nis per month. This is the mean salary. As soon as these are the statistics, I have to be concerned for those who try to work and bring a respectable salary. Somebody who chooses to not go out and work, he chooses to stay home and live a life of poverty, I do not need to help him. I have to help those who go out to work and have to deal with the cost of living. Not everyone is a hi-tech engineer. I have to help them with the high cost of living.

  -- Minister of Economics and Trade Eli Cohen

As Economics Minister he is right. The problem is there are other ministers who deal with social affairs and welfare and they do have to be concerned even about those who do not go out to work. So, if Cohen's plan affects them somehow, he won't necessarily be able to push it through without making sure the Social Welfare Minister, for example, will support it...

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  1. The problem is that the social welfare minister also worries about those who won't, and just those who can't.


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