Jul 6, 2017

A Walk Through Israel (video)

Jump on a skateboard for the best vlogging adventure of the summer. These two guys are road trip-ing across Israel at breakneck speed! And this vlog is a mad dash across the Jewish state to visit some of the most ancient and interesting places in the country. 

The guys road trip from 3,000 year old underground tunnels in Jerusalem’s City of David (national capital of the real ancient King David!) to the romantic sea at the old Jaffe port; from the place where all Jewish prayer ascends at the Temple Mount to the renowned Baha’i Gardens in Haifa; from looking out on Lebanon to snacking on pomegranates. 

This is a trip that ties historic Israel to the modern state and shows that good times can happen in ancient places when you’re young at heart.

These two friends show that Israel is lit - the place where mayhem and meaning come together in one magical place.

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