Jul 6, 2017

Litzman on increasing the size of the Knesset

It is always interesting to get a peek behind the scenes, and, personally, specifically, behind the scenes in UTJ.

Behadrei posted a short interview with Minster of Health Yaakov Litzman about some of the issues he is dealing with, current events and some of the internal UTJ squabbling.

The one question and answer I found most interesting in the interview was the question if he supports the law proposed by Uri Maklev of the Degel faction of UTJ to increase the size of the Knesset to 140 MKs.

Litzman responded that really we should be decreasing the size of the Knesset to 100 MKs instead. Litzman explains - ask the public what they think - if we need more or less MKs.

To the follow up question, that perhaps the public does not really know how hard the MKs work, Litzman responded that the public knows everything. We cry over the ones that already exist, and you want us to add more?

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1 comment:

  1. This whole thing - if you ask me - stinks of internal "gimmel" politics, where Litzman is getting ready to fight Degel in terms of how many of the 7 seats should be agudah and how many degel.


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