Jul 6, 2017

Extreme Pool Rules

An item about a swimming pool made a splash yesterday in the Haredi media...

Management of the pool "Mehadrin-Men" in the town of Emannuel posted a new set of rules of conduct in the area of the pool.

The rules include what some consider pretty extreme rules of tzniyus. Among them are items such as:
 - no swimming in underwear, even long underwear
 - no loud music and no non-Jewish music
 - no smartphones in the area of the pool
 - no tight swimsuits and no swimsuits that are too short
 - no girls in the mens pool, even babies. Up to age 3 will be allowed but only fully dressed

Residents of Emannuel are complaining about the new rules and are even calling it Hassidic Coercion, similar to the complaints of Secular Coercion and Religious Coercion in other sectors.
source: Kikar

Personally I don't find any of these rules posted as so extreme. Perhaps not allowing smartphones in the area, but that isn't a surprise, considering the public attitude of Haredim to smartphones. Speedos should be banned around the world anyway. As should swimming in underwear.

What I find most interesting, and extreme, is that they have separate pools for men and women instead of just separate hours in the same pool.

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1 comment:

  1. I'm not a chareidi, but why is everything overanalyzed when it comes to anything they do? Do not find any of these prohibitions for the swimming pool extreme. Very logical and those who complain are surely not one of them or their ilk; otherwise, they should not be considered chareidi. If it is such a religious community, the residents should have the respect and adhere to the rules. Never find rejections of rules in other types of communities, even the real stupid rules.


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