Jul 5, 2017

Did you order a pizza?

This is just too funny, and childish..

Haredim10 is reporting that someone, anonymously, has recently been ordering hundreds of pizza pies and orders of falafel for delivery to the Viznitzer Rebbe. As well, this person has, or these people have, ordered various service technicians to the Rebbe's house to provide some unnecessary and undesired service. The Rebbe's son has been harassed with fake calls to security and emergency services to rush to his house.

The Rebbe, without making a public issue of it, has been paying for all these deliveries and services.

I don't know who is fighting with whom (maybe it is Bobov's retaliation for the Viznitzers "pogrom" on Bobov last week?), but this is just too funny. It takes some cojones to do this to a rebbe..

Or maybe the Rebbe and his family just like pizza and falafe...

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1 comment:

  1. You need to learn up the sugya better. The former Viznitzer Rebbe had two sons. R' Yisrael [the one getting the unwanted pizza] and his younger brother R' Mendel. The fight with Bobov was R' mendel's group. But there is lots of bad blood between the two Viznitz groups.


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