Jul 5, 2017

no more 12th grade?

According to the report in The Jewish Press (based on Nana), the Ministry of Education is considering doing away with 12th grade in the Israeli school system. Basically they consider it unnecessary and a waste of a year.

It would not just cancel the year, but that education time would be made up in the previous years by shortening summer vacation by a month starting in first grade.

After 11th grade students will be given a number of options, as they are normally too young to enter the IDF at that point which is what most do after finishing 12th grade, including a year of community service, early enlistment opportunities, possibilities for academic degrees, etc.

I don't think it is a bad idea except for the concern that having a full year with no structure would be bad for kids at that age. They need to be in an official program, and not just be allowed to do whatever they want, as most/many will drop out, sleep late, hang out, stay up late, etc and not commit to doing anything they are not actually obligated to do. If the MoE can make that year have some sort of responsible program, with options and variety, that is mandatory participation, then it might not be a bad idea.

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