Mar 26, 2018

Chabad matza and balls

Chabad has two (probably more, but I saw two) interesting Pesach ads...

1. this is a really good ad for handmade shmura matza. I really like it. the ad is a few years old

2. the following ad is current and is for a Pesach seder hosted by a Chabad House, anywhere in the world.

this is one of the many great things done by Chabad, around the world. So many Jews, some more affiliated, some less, all over the world, have a place to sit down on pesach night and experience a seder because of Chabad.

My only question is, and I have never been at a Chabad seder, do they really serve matza balls, as depicted in the ad? Chabad tradition is basically not to eat matza except the minimum required at the seder and nothing else except the minimum required on Shabbos or Chag for hamotzi. And then they eat it in a bag so as not to get any crumbs on the table to avoid creating chametz. They take the non-gebrokts minhag to an extreme. They definitely do not eat classic matza balls. Do they serve matza balls to other people, even though they do not eat it themselves? Do they make matza balls out of, perhaps, potato starch or something else?

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1 comment:

  1. They make the kneidalach from potato starch.


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