Mar 26, 2018

not enough kollels in Bet Shemesh

I just received the following letter in the mail:

very few people call me rabbi, even less use the "shlita" when mentioning my name, but many spell my name wrong.

So, this kollel was opened about a year ago, maybe a bit more. I am sure it is a wonderful kollel with the most studious of avreichim, and if anyone wishes to donate to them, the details for donations are at the bottom of the letter, though I know nothing about them personally.

As the opening sentences of the letter state, "...I would like to bring forth an urgent situation in our town." During the first few weeks we were here, the kollel situation proved to be quite impossible. Many young men simply could not find a kollel to learn in. From those who were fortunate enough, many needed to travel to other cities on a daily basis, costing them precious time and hard earned money."

If this letter taught me anything it is that Bet Shemesh has a shortage of decent kollels. That was not the impression I had prior to receiving this letter.

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  1. Well, if there aren't enough places for all the people who want to learn, then I guess there aren't enough (or the current ones aren't big enough).

  2. Or, we've reached the point where people have to work for themselves, instead of demanding others support them to sit on their behinds all day.


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