Mar 23, 2018

Peleg protesters escalate conflict

these Peleg protesters are pretty stupid. In yesterday's protests they escalated the conflict by attacking police with pepper spray and tear gas. I don't really have a problem with that as they are fighting with the police, the police spray them with "boash", which I am not sure how to translate but is some sort of skunk fragrance spray, and water cannon and use other methods of aggressiveness, so the protesters act in kind. It is part of the process. Even though I would not condemn it, I do think it is stupid.

They may think they are cool right now and they got the upper hand on those cops, at some point escalating and attacking the cops will cause the cops to escalate. I would not be surprised if at some point we see the police start shooting rubber bullets into the mass of protesters, and maybe even eventually live fire. It seems to me to be the natural progression of such escalations.

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  1. Let me get this straight.
    "In yesterday's protests they escalated the conflict by attacking police with pepper spray and tear gas. I don't really have a problem with that as they are fighting with the police . . ."
    You do not have a problem with these jackasses using pepper spray and tear gas against the police?
    Are you making some kind of sick joke?

  2. I have a problem with them protesting illegaly in general but once they are and the police are fighting with them, are they supposed to take it and turn the other cheek? I see them fighting back as no worse than the original protest and a natural part of the protest. Sure I dont like it, but I see it in the context of the protest and do not think it is worse than anything else they are doing, in context. Out of context, as an act on its own, just looking at them attacking police with tear gas and pepper spray, of course it is bad. But nothing happens without context

  3. Context:
    Protesters illegally blocking streets, causing traffic problems affecting innocent parties getting home from work, school, picking up young childten from daycare, etc. and in arriving at appointments, meetings,(probably at least some are important), making transportation connects, etc.
    Doing their job by keeping civial order, public streets open and available, etc.
    These illegal demonstrations are plain and simple stealing "innocent" peoples time. An avera that is impossible to repay the damage party for unlike other transgressions in the torah.
    Also, seems to me the "spraying back" has other issues including but not limited to taking revenge.

  4. This is "part of the process", and you "would not condemn it"?!?

    This is by far the most disturbing thing you've ever written here. (And your semi-coherent reply to another reader doesn't help.)

    You seem to think this is all a game, with each side raising the ante as it wishes. It's not.

    These people are deliberate law-breakers. They're breaking the law, and they should all be arrested and prosecuted. All of them. Fill the jails to overflowing if necessary, but keep the streets clear so law-abiding people can use them. That's what the police are for, even in the Jewish state!

  5. I think you are misunderstanding. I am not saying their reaction is right. I am against the entire protest in the first place, so everything they do that follows is wrong. That being said, I think it is a matter of expectations - I do not expect violent protesters to not react when the police attack them in an attempt to stop the protests and violence. I expect them to react and the fact that they reacted violently is not unexpected. It is stupid, as it will lead to further escalations and nobody knows where that will end, but it is not unexpected.
    and as I have written before, they are clearly just canon fodder for the political agenda of their leaders

    1. They are willing cannon fodder. When they start taking live fire, maybe they won't be so willing.


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