Mar 28, 2018

Police Chief encourages not using Arab mechanics

Chief of Police Roni Alshich has called upon the rabbis and community leaders in MOdiin Ilit to discourage the local residents from bringing their cars for servicing and repairs to Arab mechanics from the nearby villages. According to Alshich using their cheap services encourages increased car theft - if I understood correctly because they need spare parts they send their people out to steal cars to create a supply of parts for them.

I do wonder if this is part of a sting operation in which they convince the rabbis to talk out against using the services of these Arabs and then the media flips out against these racist rabbis and the police are encouraged to arrest someone for something he said, official rabbis get fired for saying something racist, and the like.

As they say, just because you are paranoid does not mean they aren't after you..

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  1. Isn't it just that it is against the law to take your car to the Arab mechanics in Area A (not sure about Area B), as announced on red signs at various machsomim etc...?

  2. are these villages near Modiin Ilit Area A? I have no idea


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