Mar 27, 2018

dedicated to your cause and getting your wish

You have to have at least some respect for a person who puts his money where his mouth is and is dedicated to the cause he believes in.

Ahro Biale, a regular participant in the Peleg Yerushalmi protests, has become somewhat famous and a subject of regular Internet memes with a lot of fans. Biale is an American yeshiva bochur learning in Eretz Yisrael in Rav Shmuel Auerbach's yeshiva, and Biale has gone hardcore Peleg.

Last year Biale decided to make aliya for the sole purpose of taking advantage of the opportunity to be AWOL from the army and stick it to those Zionists. So, for 5 months now Biale has been AWOL. Now that he tried to leave Israel to go visit his parents for the Pesach holiday in Lakewood, NJ, he was arrested in the airport and will be spending 20 days in a military jail, though he has made a request for a lightened sentence that is being considered.

He definitely got what he wished for when he made aliyah. Only some new immigrants can say as much about their own aliya experiences...

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  1. Israel should just forget about him and let him rot.

  2. The government should revoke his aliya, send him back to America with a lifetime ban on ever returning to Israel.

  3. if it smells like a clown ,tastes like a clown ,smiles like a clown etc.

  4. This is very different from the regular Peleg approach (at least as far as I understand it) They normally approach the army as "Shev V'Al Ta'ase" - i.e., they want nothing to do with the army, and signing a deferment would be an interaction with the army. This guy, by making aliya has established an arrangement with the army, just so he can ignore it, that is very different.

  5. There are plenty of American Jews who make Aliyah and don't serve in the army (myself included). Should we deny citizenship to those who delay their Aliyah until they're too old to be drafted in order to avoid serving? What other ideologies which are not harmful to the state should the government use as a basis for overriding the Law of Return?

    1. Your point is why I agree that Israel should have accepted his application, even if he made his intent clear at the outset. However, now that he's an Israeli citizen, Israel can, and should, punish him for floating the law and doing so in such an egregious way.


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