Mar 27, 2018

Two Uncle Moishys!

A beis din has ruled that there can be two Uncle Moishys, thus leading the way to what could be a very confusing entertainment experience.

After some dispute over who owns the name between two entertainers using the name Uncle Moishy, the beis din decided they can both use the name.
source: Canadian Jewish News

Now, I don't know what Uncle Moishy could possibly be without singing songs like Big Gedalia Gumper and One is Hashem and all the other classics. This other Uncle Moishy is goign to deceive a lot of people when they come to his concerts expecting certain songs and he does not sing them. But if he thinks he can be successful at it, and the beis din (and courts?) allow him to use the name with no intellectual property ownership issues, hatzlacha to them both.

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  1. fixed. thanks. I got confused momentarily because of the mitzva men

  2. If they paskened that the songs & music belong to Suki & Ding, so I guess only the new guy can sing the classics. What will the original Uncle Moishe sing? Only new original pieces? Everybody wants to hear all the good old classics. So sad for the machlokes.

  3. I used to be jealous. Imagine the z’chus of all those kids who learned middos, brachos and Shabbos from him. What Gan Eden! But now, it’s marred by machlokes. Too bad. Although I never liked the first Uncle Moishe song “give a little Tzedakah”. The very first person to meet Uncle Moishe as he moves in his new place is a schnorrer! “What is your name, what do you do” “I’m a poor yid, I was wondering if you could help me out”. I’d have mooved!

  4. 1. At least they we not to a bet din.
    2. I've seen ads saying "uncle Moishe (original)".
    Sounds like uncle 48 and uncle 45.


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