Mar 29, 2018

the freshest bread ever!

people think I am not machmir enough and rely too much on kulas. The truth is that personally I have many chumras I hold of, but I choose not to share them publicly, not to push them on other people and not to insist on them at the expense of other people. However, in the spirit of the holiday and to be magnanimous with all of you, I have decided to share just one chumra that I hold very dear and keep very strictly.

I am very machmir in eating bread made from flour ground after Pesach, before Pesach.

Yes, I am very strict about this. If you invite me in to your home today and offer me a sandwich, I will insist the bread must have been made from flour ground next week.

Just kidding. In recent years a chumra to be makpid after Pesach on eating baked goods made only from fresh flour that had been ground after Pesach. There is always a debate if this is necessary or not, but the chumra has become fairly popular in recent years. In addition, every year there is a discussion how right after Pesach some products are marked as having been made from flour ground after Pesach, but a few weeks later the labels disappear and the older stuff comes out of storage and nobody pays attention at that point. And then there are always the products labeled as such that are discovered to be false. And then there are always a few products found before Pesach being sold with stickers stating it was made from flour ground after pesach.

The following, though, seems the most egregious of all:

This load of bread, being sold 2 days before Pesach, is labeled as being made form flour ground after Pesach 5778.

You cannot get fresher bread than that!

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  1. Replies
    1. Rabbi Dr. Emmett Brown.

    2. Note his instructions, “tastes best when eaten at 88 miles per hour”.


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