Mar 20, 2018

Pashkevil of the Day

this one is all over, declaring most cigarettes as containing real chametz and therefore cigarettes cannot be smoked on pesach unless you clarify that your cigarette does not have chametz mixed into the cancer stick contents.

Smoking chametz on pesach would give new meaning to the definition of kares as a punishment..

I always wonder how nowadays, with all our knowledge that is not disputed about the dangers of cigarettes and with all the big warnings of death and poisons put on by the surgeon general, anybody in today's day and age can start smoking. I can understand someone older who is addicted and has not been able to stop, but I cannot understand people who start nowadays.

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  1. I assume that there is absolutely no evidence to support the idea that there's any חמץ in any cigarettes. As far as I am concerned, smoking is an עבירה בין אדם לחבירו, and I could not care less if a smoker smoked חמץ on Pesach. Hashem can look out for himself.

  2. Many years ago there was a similar announcement. The Lubavitcher in our community was a heavy smoker and I was constantly trying to convince him to quit. I showed him the announcement and told him he could quit for Pesach. He laughed and said that smoking would be how he'd do his biur chometz. (He eventually died of a massive heart attack)
    I think that's why I don't take Lubavitchers seriously. The same folks who look at me like I eat trief because I drink chalav stam at times can't show up for time on shul and ignore all the psaks against smoking. Pick n choose.

  3. I'm guessing that this isn't so much a Pashkavil as an advertisement for a new "Chamatz Free" cigarette which is about to hit the market next week, conveniently too late for any of their competitors to come out with a cigarette certified for Pessach.

    By next year all cigarettes will have hasgacha for Pessach and the Bedatz that certifies them will be laughing all the way to the bank (and someone will find a new product which never required hasgacha before, but now suddenly will require a Bedatz).

    This time next week we'll know whether I'm right, watch your local store for a chamatz-free cigarette.

    BTW - I agree with Garnel's comment above that smoking is assur according to many or most halachic opinions, so someone who is careful in Mitzva observance and tries to be "יוציא לפי כל הדעות" be definition wouldn't touch a cigarette.

    1. it could be but in the past we have had cigarettes with hechshers for pesach. I distinctly remember dubek. I dont know about others


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