Nov 11, 2009

Did Jack Teitel kill them or not?

I don't know what the story is with Jack Teitel. Did he do it or not? I have no idea. He was arrested for having weapons illegaly, and then it turned into charges of various murders and attempted murders of both Arabs and left-wing jews.

But did he do it? It seems it is not so clear. They have absolutely no proof that he was the murderer in any of the murders he admitted to. One might think his admission might be enough, but it might turn out to be not enough. He is starting to deny his involvement in some of the cases, claiming he lied (coerced?) under interrogation. I don't think he denied them all, but it might come to that.

Anyway, without proof they might not have much of a case. In the meantime, all they are charging him with, according to the article in todays newspaper, is bearing unregistered firearms, incitement, and threatening behavior.

As I said before, this story interests me because he was a former classmate of mine. If he doesn't get hit for the murders, he will no longer be my most infamous classmate, just the most famous.


  1. איו אדם משים עצמו רשע

  2. Rafi, you'll always be the most famous member of your class.

  3. So then who is the most infamous person in your class?

    Mazel tov on the bar mitzvah,



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