Nov 8, 2009

Interesting Psak from Rav Elyashiv: 40 days of davening at the Kotel

In the latest edition of the publication "Dvar Hashem - Zu Halacha", there are a number fo questions that were asked to, and answered by, Rav Elyashiv.

One of those questions is if there is anything to the common custom of somebody in need of salvation davening 40 days in a row at the Kotel - is there any inyan in doing this?

Rav Elyashiv's answer is that there is no basis for this. Any time, and every time, one goes to the Kotel to daven his prayers are accepted.

Gotta love it. Let's see how long it takes until the tzedaka organizations force the ladaat website to take this psak down, and whoever else published it as well....


  1. The correct translation is that every time he goes there, his prayers are accepted. Not "his prayers are answered".

  2. So all we're left with is donating to Kupat Ha'ir?

  3. Funny... mekubalim from 300yrs ago(long before there were charities that did it for you and anyone had a financial stake in it) said that there as something to it. If you want a source let me know. Question is who to believe? Big Rabbi today, or one of the greatest mekubalim/tzaddikim of all time?

    Such hard decisions.

  4. please give me a source. I have never actually seen a source for this segulah. if you have one, please share.

  5. And if one davvens to Hashem not at the kotel? Then it's not accepted?

  6. I dont see why not, but that questions was dealing specifically with going to the Kotel

  7. Sorry I accidentally posted under my wife's name(Rabbi's Wife).

    Anyway the sources are Or HaShemesh p 29 and Keter Shem Tov p85.

    According to the RaShaSh in Or HaShemesh the reason that these are especially successful segulot are attributed to two reasons:
    1) The Shechina never departs from the Kotel(thus praying there any single day is also good)

    2) The Mesirat nefesh required... face it even living in Jerusalem its a shlep to the Kotel.

  8. An answer to a question is a psak?

    I thought it had to be printed, and distributed under "PSAK HALACHA" at the top of the sheet!

  9. neshama - the name of the publication is "Dvar Halacha"!

    mekubal - thanks. I am going to try to look those up

  10. Neshama,

    Have you ever heard of a shu"t? It's an acronym for she'aylot y'tshuvot. It's been an important part of halachik development for centuries.

    In any event, I don't think this qualifies as a psak halacha. There's no issue of prohibition. It's akin to asking, if I eat an apple in honey on Rosh Hashana, will I really have a sweet new year? The answer is not a psak halacha. If the question would be, am I required to do....?, then the answer would qualify as a psak.

  11. Can someone ask him about red string from Kever Rchel, or 'Chai Rotel', or false claims of miracles from Kupat Hair lie-sheets?

    There is no end to the superstitious nonsense being peddled as Judaism.

  12. so im confused doing segulah for my husband but in between the 40days of prayer i have forgot to pray one now its not consecutive anymore..i should i start all over again or can i continue and add more day for the lost day of prayer?

    1. I cant speak for God but I would say all tefilos are good, but if you want the segula specifically, you need 40 consecutive days. to say whether the segula really does anything or not is above my paygrade. you dont need to start over, but if you missed a day int he middle and have been continuing since, just restart your count back to the day you restarted...


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