Jun 13, 2011

Rav Yoshiyahu Pinto On The Source For The Troubles Of The Jewish People

Most of the time we hear about the problems of the Jewish People being blamed on issues of tzniyus, modesty, or sometimes the lack of careful keeping of the sanctity of Shabbos or other such issues. It is always interesting to hear the connections other people, different rabbonim, make when they connect other issues to be the source of problems.

Rav Yoshiyahu Pinto, one of the leading mekubalim today and one of the most respected, if not THE most respected, of Ashdod, said, during the ceremony inaugurating his new house, that "many of the troubles that have fallen on Am Yisrael in the past 15 years have been caused because of the heinous murder of Yitzchak Rabin. A Jew killed a Jew in the name of faith." (source: Kikar)

I always wonder how anybody knows what to blame it on, but mekubalim always tend to know things we regular folk don't know...


  1. Re: technique, one m'kubal I knew claimed to enter into a meditative state and visit the "upper realms" where he would receive information from various late tzadikim, including the avot.

    As absurd as it is, it's almost a relief to hear someone blame our suffering on Rabin's murder. At least this resonates with Yeshayahu Ch 1 - re: Hashem being disgusted with our korbanot, yom tov & tefilot when our hands are stained with blood. (i.e. bein adam l'chavero must be the ikar, or all bets are off!)

  2. How does he explain our troubles before Rabin was murdered? Like the fact that our land was being given away?

  3. one thing at a time. now we understand 15 years worth of trouble. maybe soon he will tell us what was before that

  4. does he mean that this is the source of our troubles or maybe that this is a sin about which the religious community hasn't dealt?

  5. what about Rabin killing the yidden on the Altelena?

    Pinto is a kishef macher like the rest, I know people who have been burned by him, his goons threaten them if they go public, he is a swindler just like that fake baba from yemen who does not go to bais din when called

  6. Ben, "religious community". Who really knows who killed Rabin? Enough said.


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