Jun 13, 2011

Dr. Eyal Nir Wants Right-Wing Bandits Necks Broken

In an interesting exchange of words, a professor at Ben-Gurion University spoke harshly against the right-wing community, and Baruch Marzel responded in kind.

Dr. Eyal Nir's Facebook page calling for violence
Dr. Eyal Nir, a professor of Chemistry, said, and wrote on his Facebook page, referencing a Yom Yerushalayim flag parade that passed by the Arab neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, saying "I call on the world to come and help break these scoundrels' necks... the rightists are gangs of bandits swarming in our country".

Nir then defended his statement, saying "During the Jerusalem Day march a gang of a few dozen bullies walked through the city's Arab streets calling death to Arabs, death to leftists, burn their villages. I believe that the response of any reasonable, peaceful and just individual should be that they must be prevented from acting out their threats such as in terrorist activities dubbed 'price tag'. I believe my cry for stopping them is reasonable, and actually the silence from society and the Israeli system in the face of this incitement to terrorism and terror itself is what should be written about in the papers."

Amidst calls for termination of his position at the university, saying that had similar statements been made by right-wing professors about left-wing protesters such a professor would have been fired immediately, and probably arrested for incitement to murder and violence, Baruch Marzel issued a response on the radio. Marzel condemned the statement, but then called Dr. Nir and left him a voice message on his answering machine quoting the Talmudic dictum of Ha'Ba Lhorgecha, Haskeim L'Horgo - when one is coming to kill you, beat him to the punch and kill him.

I wonder if Marzel will be arrested for incitement with his statement.

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