Jun 27, 2011

Womans Lucks Out And Takes Top Two Prizes In Lottery Drawing

Talk about luck.

This 60-year-old woman, mother of 7 and grandma of 18 from Central Israel, played the lottery this past week and won. She did not just win, but she won both the first prize and the second prize. Her total winnings amounted to 36 million NIS.

She said her husband usually buys the lotto tickets and they usually win nothing at all. She decided she would give it a shot, testing her hand at it, and it paid off. her first lotto ticket and she won the top two prizes, including the double-pot.

They plan to use their new money to help their children buy apartments.

I don't buy lottery tickets often, but I did this past week. And I won 37 NIS. After having spent something like 46 NIS on the ticket. That is the kind of luck I have. Actually it was pretty good because generally when I buy a ticket I win nothing..


  1. That woman is just smarter than you, Rafi.

  2. while i dont doubt that she is, i dont know what smart has to do with winning the lottery. As a matter of fact, smart people dont waste their money on the lottery

  3. 46 NIS on a lottery ticket?!?!?!
    Whatever happened to a dollar and a dream?

  4. 46 is not the minimum ticket. you can buy one row for just a few shekels. 46 is for 1 full ticket of 12 rows

  5. maybe the lesson here is that the wife should buy the ticket....


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