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Jun 15, 2011

Maariv Apologizes About Misleading Headline Regarding Stoning Of Dog Story

Remember the story of the dog that appeared at the gates of the beis din in mea Shearim? They could not chase it away, and supposedly had decided it was a gilgul of someone who had shamed the dayanim many years earlier. they supposedly had kids stone it and chase it away.
The story raised a ruckus at the time, and the organization against cruelty to animals even filed a complaint against the beis din, all the while the head of the beis din denied the allegations.

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Today, the Maariv newspaper ran a "clarification" and apology about that story, saying the rav had said there is no basis for abusing the dog, not halachically and not logically. The rav had also said that city hall had sent their dog catcher to collect the dog from the premises of the beis din. The newspaper apologizes for the misleading headlines from when it was reported.
courtesy of kikar.net
The newspaper rarely gets the details of stories accurately, and it might generate interesting discussion, it is not worth condemning or attacking anybody just based on an inaccurate newspaper article.


  1. I see it's on page 21. I wonder: Let me guess... on which page was the motzi shem ra printed? Hmmmm

  2. I saw tousands (!) of comments on the international nets which condemned Israel and jews because of this misleading story.

  3. It takes stupid Jewish Israelis, to fuel up all the antisemites.
    It was always Idiots, that caused those problem, because they could not STFU

  4. Problem was: not the dog was to be stoned, the journalist was stoned ...

  5. but you also reprinted the untrue story at the time, without fact-checking?

  6. this site is a blog, not a newspaper and I am not a journalist.

    I said specifically I was quoting from a news report, and I site it is too crazy of a story to be true.

    As well, I posted the beis dins response as soon as I saw it.

    I dont know why maariv took the heat on this. I saw it first on Bechadrei, then on Walla. Then it spread to other newspapers. It hit the international press after ynet reported the story in English,

  7. see recent article: Wife with husband in 7-year coma gets rabbinical divorce


    Joel Katz
    Religion and State in Israel


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