Jun 30, 2011

Life in Israel Newsletter Sent

The first edition of the Life in Israel newsletter is being sent out as I type this post! In it I give you a behind the scenes look at the splashiest post of the month, and a list of what I thought were the most popular posts of June. If you have not signed up yet, be sure to sign up and receive future newsletters.

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  1. I like the "Life in Israel" Newsletter. I found the first edition cogent and interesting.
    I recommend subscribing to this newsletter.

  2. thanks. obviously, this benig the first one, it is a work in progress.

    feedback is very welcome, either here, or by simply replying to the newsletter email.

  3. I just signed up...and then was dismayed to see a comment to the effect of "I hate religious Jews."

    Is that really your feeling? I don't need virtual sinas chinam arriving in my inbox on a regular (or even irregular) basis!

    I hope we can foster feelings of love and ahavas Yisrael, despite the politics and shtus of daily life.

    To paraphrase Rav Kook, one must be filled with a great love for every being. G-d forbid to make such a terrible blanket statement of hatred about so many Jewish people.

    In the spirit of open-mindedness, I'm willing to give this a chance.


  4. where did you see that comment?

  5. As I said, this is something that should be basic. A person in the Jewish State should be able to say he keeps Shabbos and not have to make such a choice. I consider this law to be on that should be superfluous. Unfortunately it is not. I hate "religious laws" and I think they do more harm than good, as they create a lot of bad-will..

    So, according to the proposed law, if it should pass, teams or "athletes could declare themselves as shomrei shabbat, and the league would then not be allowed to schedule that team with any games on Shabbos. In international tournaments abroad, the league would have put forth its best efforts to try to get games scheduled on days other than Shabbos, for such athletes and teams who are shomer shabbat. (source: Ladaat)"

    Now I see that it seems it may ahve been a quote. In which case I apologize for the mistake, although my feelings in general are still true...


  6. I hate religious LAWS, not religious JEWS.
    There is a difference. religious laws that force secular Jews to alter their lifestyle create bad feelings against religion. There should be protection for religion without having to create a new law every time someone thinks he is being discriminated against.

    if religion is protected, and it is, go to the courts, Supreme Court if necessary, and fight for your rights. Creating a new law that forces people to think badly of religion is more harmful than good.

    There is no law that says people must fast on Yom Kippur, which is why statistics show close to 97% of jews in Israel fast on Yom Kippur. if there was such a law, that number would likely go down drastically.

    the same is true for bris mila, and for holding a pesach seder.

    As I said, this is very different than your claim that I wrote I hate religious jews, which I never wrote because it is not true.


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