Mar 23, 2015

Bet Shemesh school saga comes to a close

The long-standing dispute between the City of Bet Shemesh, the Ministry of Education and the Safot vTarbuyot school has come to an end - on paper at least.

(to be brief)
The City of BS has for a long time been trying to get the school moved out of its building to another location, claiming the building is underused, and the population using it is bused in from other areas while local children have a severe shortage of school buildings.

The school did not want to leave. The Ministry of Education supported the school.

All that is over, at least on paper. In actuality, it depends on construction being done and completed as per the agreement, but on paper they have come to agreements, putting this story to a close.

According to the agreement, the school will continue to function as a regional school in the coming year but will do so in a new location. At the beginning of the coming academic year, Safot vTarbuyot will take over the school building in Bet Shemesh currently occupied by a Haredi school called Afikim - with the stipulation that renovations funded by a budget from the Ministry of Education will be completed by then.

The school Afikim will temporarily move into the Adiyahu school complex, which also has to be prepared for this with renovations and security improvements.
source: Kikar

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