Mar 23, 2015

No Tachanun becomes No Vihi Noam

Most people who go to shul in the morning look forward to any day there might be a bris in shul or some other special day, as it means tachanun will not be said. the jackpot is hit when that bris comes out on a Monday or Thursday, as "no tachanun" means even greater "benefit" in the sense of the longer tachanun not being said.

The month of Nissan is looked forward to even more, as it means an entire month of no tachanun.

This week brings us to one of just three times a year that something else makes people feel like the "no tachanun" situation.. this Saturday night we will not say "Vihi Noam" at the end of the services. This only happens three times a year, the Saturday night before each of the holidays.

Funny how saving 1-3 minutes in shul can get us so excited! What is wrong with us?

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  1. also on motzash chol hamoed.
    (and only ashkenatzim don't say it. sefardim only skip vehe noam, but do say veatah kadosh)

  2. We actually do say Vehi Noam this Motzei Shabbos, because the Chag only begins on the following Shabbos. The only time we skip Vehi Noam is when Yom Tov begins during the week. Also, there can be more than 3 times a year we skip it- it can be three times in Tishrei alone for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kipur, and Sukkot.

    1. i have to check the luach. I thought it includes when yom tov falls out on shabbos.
      skipping vihi noam is little consolation when the additions for yomtov (rosh hashana, yom kippur, etc) make davening much longer than what it would be with vihi noam, so that doesnt count

  3. SB, Beit ShemeshMarch 23, 2015 5:39 PM

    Anonymous - Erev Pesach counts as a yom tov for this

  4. Actually, like almost everything else, it is a machlokes. Both minhagim are fairly common, so you have to choose your shul wisely Motzai Shabbos :)

  5. I wonder if Sepharadi bloggers are boasting about not sayign lamnatzeach.

    Heichal Shlomo luach does not specify that it is not said this coming motzash
    page 59 -

    in contrast to page 78 before Rosh Hashana where it specifies not to say vayehi noam.

    You can purchase the luach here:
    לוח דינים ומנהגים היכל שלמה

  6. And I know people who Davka choose Shuls that do BaHaB...

  7. Three times a year is incorrect. We don't say it before the shalosh regalim - 1st and last days. Also before RH and YK. That usually comes out to 7 a year.

    When Yom Tov falls out on shabbos then we say vehi noam the previous sat. night. There is only one possible exception to that rule. It's this year for Pesach. The luach Eretz Yisrael [Tuchachinsky] rules not to say it because Erev Pesach is also a yom tov. The standard custom in chutz la'aretz [as documented in the Ezras Torah luach] rules to say it this coming Sat night.

    A good yom tov to all. And a happy free tachanun month!

  8. You'r right - what IS wrong with us?

    Tachanun is a chance to plea to God, and we can't stand it?

    Many people would love to just get a chance to petition their king.

  9. I remember reading in the biography of R' Yakov Kaminetsky that there was some controversy in the town in Lithuania where he was the rov, because the chevra mishnayos would skip tachanun when they made a siym on shas, and they would arrange to make the siyum on a Monday or Thursday to get more bang for their buck.

  10. It is also not said when Tisha B'Av is on Motzei Shabbat


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