Mar 24, 2015

Don't abandon the Foreign Ministry

News reports are saying that Netanyahu has officially designated the Ministry of Finance for Moshe Kahlon.

Sounds good.

News reports are also saying that despite Avigdor Lieberman's original demands, he will not be given the Defense Ministry, but is being offered the Foreign Ministry again.

This is a shame, even though the Foreign Ministry is not really such a major office, or hasn't been in recent years.

Considering the situation Israel finds itself in right now, with few friendly countries, and even the USA straining its relationship right now with Israel, it really would be useful to have a Foreign Minister that can work on that and try to fix those relationships.

Lieberman was always persona non grata in most Western countries, so it is unlikely he will be in a position to work on mending those relationships. That means Netanyahu once again will have to also play Foreign Minister in regards to all the Western countries, but it is he they are upset at. It would be nice if that position could go to somebody welcome in the West - maybe a Dr. Michael Oren or a Naftali Bennet or someone else similar (there must be others), who speaks at least a decent English, and is welcome abroad.

Giving the Foreign Ministry back to Avigdor Lieberman is basically abandoning any serious efforts to improve all those relationships.

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  1. I think you need to depend less on what the media is telling you and more on what might actually happening.

    Who told you that the Foreign Ministry is not a "major office" less important or prestigious these days? Perhaps the media has deprecated reporting news about that ministry because Liberman is inside?

    Who told you that we have "with few friendly countries"? Clip attached below that was filmed during the time of Liberman and Ayalon.

    And why continue exaggerate "the USA straining its relationship right now with Israel" when in reality the relationship is stronger than ever and this is really only a straining of relationship with the Obama Administration which has 1.5 years left, ve'zehu.

    Who told you that we need to work on "mending those relationships"? Who told you that relationships were bad?

  2. Bennett should Foreign Minister. True, he will not say nice things for the US to hear. But for the first time i history he will say loud and clear for the whole world to know. We are not foreigners in this land. We are not whites in South Africa. This is where our hsitory is. We are here to stay, and will live in all areas where we are in control. Now based on that, and if he can get the world and the Arabs to respect us finally, then maybe just maybe they will accept it, and then maybe even peace with Hamas will be possible.

    1. I think that Bennet does not have to be FM in order to say that, and even as Minister of Welfare, the foreign media will find him for lively interviews.


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