Jul 12, 2016

Amazons, episode 1 (video)

this is the first episode of that Israeli reality show "Amazons". Batya Schiff, a Haredi model, is competing in this show.

comments after the clip

Amazons ep1 from M I on Vimeo.

After watching much of this episode (I couldn't watch it straight but clicked around a lot) I have to say that, in my opinion, it is a lousy show. I haven't watched too many reality shows so I won't compare it to others, but it is lousy.

Schiff did nothing significant that I could tell to help or hurt her team. She was basically just there.

I don't know anything about Schiff other than her being described as a Haredi model (and in the Haredi news sites she is described as a Haredi "presenter"), and I will assume she self-categorizes as Haredi. She looks hardly Haredi - not because she is on this show, as some might say, but because she interviews with her hair exposed though she is married (I could understand if her hair covering falls off during the action, but during an interview to not cover the hair is strange), along with skirt-length and open shirt buttons...
I am not one to judge her level of Harediness, but the category she is listed under as Haredi seemed strange. It was jarring when I saw the first interview with her and she looked anything but.

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  1. Here's someone who is not so enamored with her.

  2. I like how they call him the rav from Facebook (the Facebooker Rebbe?)

  3. She's a model. She is likely wearing very real-looking wigs in all the shots.

  4. Saying chareidi and model in the same sentence is already a giveaway. She seems to be a self-named chareidi. She's the only one who thinks she is. What a joke.

  5. iwannabeachareidiJuly 13, 2016 8:27 AM

    aren't all chareidim self -named? or is there a test that you have to pass?

  6. Religious Jews are self-named. Chilonim are self-named. Mesorati are self-named. But unfortunately Charedim are named via approval of their community.

    Nowadays anyone famous who calls themselves Charedi and exemplifies *some* Charedi values (tzniut, machmir kashrut, learning Torah) even if not all of the major ones, it likely "claimed" by the Charedi community because it's a net win PR-wise.


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