Jul 17, 2016

Balad's primary results decides Zoabi's fate

According to Channel 2 News, the Arab party for Knesset and member party of the United Arab List, Balad, has held its primaries and announced the results for the next elections, whenever they might be.

The results indicate that they have had enough of Hanin Zoabi and her antics that make them look bad. Zoabi has been pushed down to what is considered an unrealistic spot on the party list. Zoabi is now number 5 on the list, while the party currently holds 3 seats total.

The most noteworthy part of this news report, in my mind, is that Balad, the most extreme of the Arab parties, is more democratic in its functioning than most of the Jewish parties in the Knesset. Balad holds primaries to decide its party list while most other parties in the Knesset do not.

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