Jul 21, 2016

new train route between Tel Aviv and Tiberias

This is awesome!

Yediot is reporting that Minister of Transportation Yisrael Katz has approved the extension of the Emek train route to include an express leg from Afula to Tiberias. This will also allow for an express train route between Tel Aviv and Tiberias - the ride would take just an hour. This will also allow for a train route between Tiberias and Haifa, via Afula.

Here is the press release:

This is great. It will bring the outlying cities and towns "closer" to the center of the country. This will make it easier for people to travel to Tel Aviv region, or Haifa, or pretty much anywhere, for work or for personal reasons, but especially for work. And the improvement of transportation for touring purposes will be amazing! It takes anybody traveling to the Tiberias region by public transportation hours to get where they want. They have to transfer between trains and buses that do not run frequently, and go via different cities that they have no need to be in. This will make touring easier and cheaper, in addition to the work opportunities it will provide.

Yisrael Katz is a bulldozer, as they say, and he has done a great job as Minister of Transportation. He has been probably the most effect minister in government in the past 7 years (and probably even longer).

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  1. The night I met with Yair Shamir, he addressed the issue of the 'housing crisis' and the need to look at the big picture. The example he gave was the express train being built between Kiryat Gat and Tel Aviv. The train would allow people to work in Tel Aviv and take advantage of the lifestyle and more affordable housing in Kiryat Gat. He gave the example of a ganenet who could now be able to find work in Tel Aviv and be able to afford live off of their salary.

    Quality transportation has intended and unintended positive consequences.


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