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Jun 2, 2024

Picture of the Day

This is a picture of a mass broadcast of a championship match (I have no idea which sport or who was playing) in the National Park in Ramat Gan. One can clearly see many yeshiva bochurim (Yoeli Brim who first reported reported it said thousands) in the crowds enjoying the broadcast.

This image/video went viral with some criticizing and some defending, whether criticizing them for wasting their time and if they arent learning Torah they should go tot he army, with others defending them saying they need time off too.

This is not an uncommon site. Whenever there is an important soccer or basketball match one can see yeshiva guys at broadcasts all around town gathered in small numbers of many groups.

From a human perspective, this is fine, in my opinion. Even good. People need a break, no matter what they are doing. These young men are not yet gedolei hador who will take a break from gemara by learning chumash or halacha. They have physical energy. They like sports. Maybe it is a waste of time, but many of us waste our time with sports, whether playing sports (which is less of a waste of time) or watching it. 

This is somewhat negligent right now with the discussions of the Draft law under way and tones about it being raised. If Torah is so important that it saves the world and protects the country and people, why are the yeshiva boys not in the beis medrash learning during a time of war but out watching sports? They are kids, so it is understandable. Even if they were full fledged adults it would be understandable. But it still looks bad, especially at this time when the Draft Law is being hotly debated and is under scrutiny. It is negligent of their leadership to allow this to happen at this time in such a public way. Maybe the yeshivas should rent screens or facilities and host viewing even for their students. Boys will be boys. Not all are the most lofty at all times. Even if they normally are among the good boys who study diligently.

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  1. Garnel IronheartJune 02, 2024 5:55 PM

    Because if you walked up to any of those boys and asked why they won't serve, they'd tell you proudly that their Torah study day and night is what is the true defence of the state, yet here they are.

  2. Picture shows dark sky - it's a night out, not a skipped day of learning. And maybe these are tourists/boys on student visas, not draft dodgers. Go after the system, don't attack a few teenagers who aren't making trouble.

    1. Yeshiva studies are usually until 11PM.

    2. Look up how many hours a full time yeshiva student has to learn to be eligible for an army exemption. They don't have to put in days from 7 am to 11 pm. They are required to do a 40 hour work week like everyone else. So if a boy is in yeshiva from 7-7, than he is not shirking his yeshiva studies....


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