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Jun 19, 2024

Quote of the Day

We are at war on several fronts, before us are big challenges and difficult decisions, so I request from all the coalition partners - get a hold of yourselves. Rise to the importance of the hour. This is not the time for petty politics, not the time for legislating laws that endanger the stability of the coalition fighting to be victorious against our enemies

  -- Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, telling his bickering coalition partners to calm the heck down before it ends up bringing down his government...

Interestingly, he did not try to put an end to it before it happened by saying now is not the time for these law proposals, he allowed the proposal to be raised and voted on. he even kicked members of the Likud out of the committee and had them replaced because they said they opposed it. he helped Deri find ways to bring it back despite it being killed. He then tried to arrange a compromise with Ben Gvir to allow it to pass. When all that failed and he saw how bad of a situation he had gotten into, suddenly it isnt time for petty politics...

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