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Jun 16, 2024

Interesting Psak: rending clothes upon death of teacher

A question was asked of Rav Avraham Yosef. The question posed being a community rav in Holon had passed away. The questioner, one of the rabbi's congregants, said that they had learned a lot of torah form the rabbi but mostly when they were younger children and much less as they grew older. The question is, at his funeral should they tear their clothes in mourning?

Rav Avraham Yosef responded, after heaping praise on the rabbi who had passed, that even if the Torah the rabbi taught was to children, that still gives him the status of Rav Muvhak upon which the student must rend his clothes in mourning. The Vilna Gaon famously said the teacher who taught him the aleph beis was the greatest teacher he ever had as by knowing the aleph beis he was then able to learn all the torah he eventually learned. With the rabbi who passed it is more than that - he gave life, he gave the ability to taste the torah, he encouraged his students to study more and to take on more torah and mitzvos. Whoever learned torah form him, even if just as a child, must rend his clothes in mourning.
source: Kol Hai NewsKol Hai News

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1 comment:

  1. IMHO, some of the greatest influences on my learning were Rabbiem I had in day school. I still have a Kesher with some of them. I can totally relate to this psak! My only comment would be that until I was an adult, and got to know who these Rabbiem really were I didn’t have the appreciation for them (what kid really understands how complex adult lives are). I used to say I was jealous of “Uncle Moishe”. Why? Imagine the zchus if all the kids who Daven, learned a bracha, or did midos by listening to those songs. Hey, he’s no Jimmy Page, but that and others were what I always put on in my car for my kids.


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