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Jul 7, 2024

Exceptional times calls for exceptional measures

2 or 3 citizens are being investigated for activities on October 7 2023 in which they went down south to fight the terrorists invading Israel and massacring the residents of the area of the "Gaza Envelope" - the claim, or suspicion, is that they shot and killed a terrorist (or terrorists) that had already been captured and were no longer a threat.

Obviously there are laws and everyone has to follow them. I am not privy to the evidence for or against whatever is claimed they did so I am not going to comment on their innocence or guilt. 



October 7, 2023 was an outrageous day, a chaotic day, a day of fear and adrenaline. A day the government and the IDF took 8-10 hours before responding. A day that private citizens from all around the country grabbed a personal weapon, if anything, and drove down south to fight the terrorists and save lives while the government and IDF did nothing. Private citizens, amidst overwhelming chaos and fear, with no organization, with perhaps not enough knowledge of laws and/or ability to evaluate the situation.

I don't know what they did or did not do. If it is clear and obvious that they were just murdering terrorists already in captivity, that is one thing and that situation has to be stopped. if it was not so clear and there is room to think the terrorists might still have been a threat in some way, the authorities should approach this differently. These were unusual and exceptional circumstances. The authorities should be saying thank you to all those people who went in and filled the void and prevented the situation from being even worse than it was. If there is any room for leniency, any way to see that the situation at the time was unclear and uncertain, they should be treated with the utmost leniency

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. Exceptional times calls for exceptional measures. Unusual times calls for unusual measures.

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  1. "that situation has to be stopped"

    Please give a reason why.

  2. 9 months into the war -- the Attorney General and State Prosecutor did NOT have time to charge UNRWA officials for their war-crimes in enabling H@mas human shields a MAJOR war crime. Such pending charges would have been a GREAT counterbalance to the libelous and false charges from ICC and ICJ. I also note that none of the Nuchba terrorists have been charged as well, though one might argue that the hostage-situation requires postponing this (the OTHER side of the coin is that suspended death-sentences against Nuchba terrorists could have given Israel another CHIP to free the hostage)
    BOTTOM LINE -- if I did not know any 'better' I would think that Attorney General + State Prosecutor worked for the 'other side.'
    FINAL COMMENT -- apparently the soldier was incarnated as well. I thought our prisons were SO overcrowded that we needed to release Hamas terrorists -- so how do we have SPACE to old this soldier?

  3. Where are the medals for heroic ones that are doing a kiddush H' for destroying
    these demonic creatures?


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